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What we are?

We are a team of landscape professionals, here to assist with your residential or commercial needs. Starting out small, J&S Landscape and Design has become the go-to Landscaping+Service, with a variety of satisfied clients in the tri-county area of Carteret, Craven & Onslow County

Since 1988 J&S Landscape and Design has built a reputation of reliability and value of providing quality service at a reasonable price. Creating and maintaining beautiful landscaping is what we do best, always done with our signature touch.

At J & S Landscape and Design, LLC we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest knowledge available on education, certification, licenses and training for our crew leaders & crew members.  


A Family Affair

Small Business- Family owned & operated

J&S Landscape and Design started out with a push mower, weed eater and a blower back in 1988.   Jeff & Sharon set out to be their own boss and create a company that allowed them to connect and provide to their family.   Yes, it was hard work but their two older kids, Jennifer & Jeff Jr.  were at the right age to learn and contribute to the business.   Jeff Sr.'s sales skills and ability to create helped him grow the business quickly.  Eventually he was able to obtain certifications and education to all him to encompass all things outdoors in relationship to lawn and landscape with his family at his side helping him with the main operations of his business and learning along the way as well.

Since then, Jeff Sr. has retired.   He still is an active member to the company.   He aids in consulting with the lawn and landscape team on projects.   And he continues to play an active role in the growth and stability of the company.   

Sharon continues to oversee the internal operations of the company while also focusing on our sister company at J&S Nursery and Blossom's Gift Shoppe.

Learn more about our family team below.

Family Team


Jeff Shultz Sr.


The 'J' in J&S!  While he's not in the field anymore, retired owner of J&S Landscape and Design still is a key person in the operations of the company.    When he's not enjoying the downtime of retirement, you may see Jeff Sr. consulting on projects with our team, aiding in quality checks, and he continues to aid in the growth and internal operations of our company.

Jeff Sr. enjoys most of his free time hanging out his grandkids, grand pups, and his own furbaby, Jameson.   He thoroughly enjoys cooking and trying new recipes with his wife.   And he's started traveling more to explore new places in the US.   His recent personal projects have included refurbishing a used pontoon which he actively enjoys with his family.   He is also rebuilding his 1995 Ford Bronco, revisiting his passion of mechanics.  


Sharon Shultz


Sharon is the 'S' in J&S. Looking for an opportunity to leave the corporate world she dived right into opening the family company along side of Jeff Sr.   

Letting Jeff Sr. & and her son Jeff Jr be the sales & the face of the company she brought her office background to the table along with the ability to manage risk.   Her job doesn't just involve her working in the office behind the scenes... from the start you would see her along side of the crew aiding in the lawn & landscape jobs.   She keeps the a family team together and on point with the checks and balances on finances, project management, and day to day running's.   When she's not doing that you will find her in the nursery tending the plants or creating a new display at the gift shoppe which is where her passion is.  

Now being the owner of the company tends to make you a workaholic...and Sharon is most definitely that but that is just a show of how much she loves her company.   She has come to appreciate her free time with her family.   Regular family breakfast at home or visiting a local eatery for some yummy eats is always on her agenda, whether it's just her & Sr. or the whole family.   Watching her grandkids grow up in all the sports & arts they do.   She loves spending time at home relaxing with a good book or catching up on her favorite TV shows.   


Jeff Shultz Jr. 

Operations Manager

Lawn & Landscape Operations manager, Project manager, lead designer, lead sales, chemical application manager, lead irrigation technician are just a few titles he wears.   Jeff Jr has been with the company since he was 15.  His career path started with helping Sr. with mowing grass and helping with the first landscape installs.   As the company grew & Jeff graduated from school he was able to take on a crew as a leader which eventually led to him heading up our Lawn maintenance division and all the things that came with it.   
As with any family business, there is much crossover in who helps with what.  Jeff Jr.  started helping more with the landscape design projects becoming a 'jack of all trades' within the company.  He obtained continuing education and certifications in many of our industry services to allow J&S become a diverse lawn & landscape company offering knowledgeable & expertise experience.   

Jeff Jr. may seem all business but in his free time he's a family man!   You will catch him hanging out with his grandkids &  running his furbaby Tucker.  Tucker is usually out and about with Jr. on his work days too!  Jeff & his fiance love exploring our local community.  They enjoy visiting great eat spots together and connecting with other businesses. He gets to enjoy time with his bonus children who are still in sports and keeps him "young." In between work & all of that he finds time to connect with his girls who are kicking off their young adulthood.  


Jennifer Herman

Administrative Manager

This title is a loaded title. We call it 'wearing many hats.' Jennifer manages many aspects of the office.   She, like Jeff Jr., started with the company around the age of 17.   When she started she,  also helped with the actual physical work of our company (mowing, planting, weeding, installing sod....) until there came the need to allow an office team to run the administration side of the company.  From there she took to running the HR, tax/accounting, billing, contracts, on boarding, practically all things administration.   She worked as a team player in the office along side of Sharon.   
Jennifer also help grow and managed our retail nursery, J&S Nursery & Blossom's gift shoppe.   It was a natural direction for our company to add on as we needed plants and landscape materials to supply our clients.   She helped make this space become a unique stop for shoppers and a great supply of trees & shrubs to our local communities for their own plant & landscape needs. 

Jennifer still continues to aid the nursery on many aspects but you will find her mostly in the office supporting the lawn & landscape administration needs.   

Now we know we keep Jennifer busy but we do give her a day off for her to enjoy herself!   You will find her wrapped up in her library of books.  She loves hanging out with her husband usually visiting local town events, shopping/eats.   She has a few fur babies that keep her busy at home.   And when she's not doing that she's with her 4 kids, they are all grown but their lives keep them at home or close to home.   

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