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Welcome to: WE WORK YARD FOR THE MONEY! A blog about lawn care, landscape, and family

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

A blog about lawn care, landscape and Family.

Somebody in marketing told us we had to have a blog to be relevant in the world of lawn care and landscape so here we are....

Mowing grass and Kicking....dirt (sorry we know you wanted it to rhyme)

Who are WE....well if you haven't already perused our newly designed website....we are J&S Landscape and Design, a lawn care and landscape company in Newport, N.C. We are family owned and operated and have been playing outside in other peoples' yards since the late 1980's....we know a thing or two. If you want to get a bit more personal with us and our team, I encourage you to visit our About us page to learn more about our company and the family and team behind the business.

What are we going to talk about on our blog?

Well, we pretty much all things to do with your yard, lawn, and landscape. So naturally we want to talk about all things yard, lawn and landscape. We plan on diving in to "how to" posts, tips/tricks, trends, product reviews, and we'll even get a little personal with some fun about us/our team posts. These posts will revolve around the things we feel we are an expert in and also will be related to our location...if you missed it we are in the Crystal Coast of North Carolina in Newport, N.C. Here's some expert subjects we'll talk about:

  • Lawn care and Lawn maintenance

  • Landscape design

  • Plants, Shrubs, Trees, flowers

  • Softscapes

  • Irrigation

  • Drainage

  • Hardscapes (patios, walk ways, driveways, retainer walls)

  • Outdoor living spaces

  • Fire pits & fire place

  • Garden design

  • Aquascapes

We'll sprinkle in some fun stuff along the way and also highlight some of our partners, local businesses, and of course our other sister companies.

We're going to cut this short here.....we gotta go.... you know....MOW....

Looking forward to connecting with you in all the ways that we can. Now if you don't mind....follow us! We are on instagram, facebook, and soon to come tiktok & you tube.

Look forward to our next blog post: YOUR LAWN CARE & MAINTENANCE ANNUAL CHECKLIST.


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